Western Sculpture

Western Sculpture

Western Sculpture :

Western Sculpture Minnesota

The Western sculpture is the three-dimensional artistic forms produced in what is now Europe and later in non-European areas dominated by European culture from the Metal Ages to the present. Like the painting, the Western sculpture has tended to be naturalistic and humanistic, focusing upon the human figure and human action studied from nature.

The Western sculpture was made since the ancient world of Rome and Greece and from the late Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. It had twice undergone a progressive development, from archaic stylization to realism. In any event, the sculptors of the West carefully observed the human body in action, at first attempting to find its ideal aspect and proportions and later aiming for dramatic effects. Lenny' Sculptures can offer the great quality of beautiful western sculptures that will raise the beauty of your living room. Utilizing our team of experts and extensive relationships with artists and manufacturers, we can provide expert consultancy for acquisition and commissions of sculpture.

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