Small Sculpture

Small Sculpture

Small Sculpture :

Small Sculpture Minnesota

Though the big sculpture captures the eye of the viewer in more cases than the small sculptures, the small sculptures also have their own charm. A Massive sculpture tends to seem more important that smaller one if we see from the perspective of its display in the joint areas and accessible by many people. But, we can't undermine the value of small sculptures with their mobility and closer look that give an opportunity for the viewers to feel it and get into that piece of Art personally. Therefore, both - small and large sculptures have its importance in their own way.

The wood sculptures are specially made smaller in size and are usually full of a variety of small details. Lenny's Sculptures provide the top quality small sculpture of animal figures, people portraits and much more. Our strength is attention to every detail in the form as well as texture. Combined with our knowledge of classic and contemporary materials, it allows for cast sensitive work and quality finishing. We are highly skilled and experienced sculptors and artist, well-trained in the classic tradition of sculpting and casting, and we meet challenges with a collective experience and great passion for our craft. Our art of sculpture is no longer restricted by usual traditional sculptural concepts, materials or methods of production. We incorporate the contemporary resources to shape the imagination into reality.