Bronze Sculpture Minnesota

Bronze Sculpture :

Lanny's Sculptures is at heart, a traditional fine art bronze casting foundry. Our process includes rubber molding, ceramic shell, and lost wax casting. Our bronzes are...

Clay Sculpture Statues Minnesota

Clay Sculpture :

Since clay, in its basic form, is composed of nothing but of fine earth and water. The clay sculptures are ubiquitous to all continents of the world. This ancient art form...

Garden Sculpture Minnesota

Garden Sculpture :

Outdoor garden sculptures add a unique touch to your backyard or garden. Choose from our vast range of contemporary garden sculptures that resonate the most with you...

Small Sculpture Minnesota

Small Sculpture :

Though the big sculpture captures the eye of the viewer in more cases than the small sculptures, the small sculptures also have their own charm. A Massive sculpture tends...

Western Sculpture Minnesota

Western Sculpture :

The Western sculpture is the three-dimensional artistic forms produced in what is now Europe and later in non-European areas dominated by European culture from the Metal...