About Us

About Us

    Since its inception in 2011, Lanny's Sculpture has become one of the leading bronze and clay sculpture foundries in Minnesota. Lanny’s Sculptures is pleased to offer you free and impartial advice that can help you make the best choice to meet your commission and budget requirements, based on our many years of experience.

    Lanny's Sculptures is a brainchild of a passionate Minnesota sculptor Lanny Johnson. Started off as a small time sculpture artist working in a small basement in Old School Lives, Minnesota, Lanny Johnson is now one of the most reputed sculptors. Lenny didn't stop after retiring from a typical job due to few major health issues. His inspiration for creating and develop something beautiful that will have an enigmatic a lasting impact on people's lives turned him towards painting. Due to Arthritis, he could not able perform his best, and that lead him to the art of making classy sculptures. Lenny is a reality sculptor in the true sense as the choices his art topics includes the contemporary existing things around us such as historical events, people, places and much more. His range is extensive from wildlife sculptures like horse cultures to the portrait of John Wayne!

    Lanny has tried his hands on a variety of sculpture styles and truly created wonders! This broad range of sculptures offered by Lanny's Sculptures including bronze sculpture, clay sculpture, horse sculptures, modern art sculpture, outdoor garden sculptures, contemporary sculptures and western sculptures in Minnesota. The most important and admirable aspect of his work is the great attention to detail! Before starting any sculpture, Lenny goes through a thorough research to have a comprehensive understanding. Few of his popular works such as a minor working on the track gang, a buffalo, 'The Hunter' a Native American, 'The Last Stand' and the portraiture of John Wayne. His most acclaimed bronze sculpture, 'The Northwest Fur Trapper' entered the Arts in Harmony art show and received a Merit Award in this art show. Lanny’s years of experience will offer a graceful sculpture that will bring the elegant ambiance to your home or garden.