Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture :

Garden Sculpture Minnesota

Outdoor garden sculptures add a unique touch to your backyard or garden. Choose from our vast range of contemporary garden sculptures that resonate the most with you or the current theme of your home decorations. You can choose any specific characters that you want in your garden. You can also choose from large and small statues. A big garden statue or sculpture will take up more area and likely catch people’s eye much easier. So if someone is walking past the front of your home, a large horse sculpture is more visible than the smaller one.

Is this garden sculpture going to be the central point of a courtyard or scattered along a pathway? Is your garden small sized or a grand estate? The amount of space that you allocate for your garden decorations should help you decide on the size of the outdoor garden sculptures. If you’re looking to decorate a large lawn, consider some oversized garden spheres, and place them in a spot that is visible. For tighter spaces, try small-scale contemporary garden sculptures tucked along the edge of a flower bed, path or fence. Lenny's sculptures are a premier sculpture business offering people of Minnesota with beautiful contemporary sculptures that fit their taste and pocket.