Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture :

Bronze Sculpture Minnesota

Lanny's Sculptures is at heart, a traditional fine art bronze casting foundry. Our process includes rubber molding, ceramic shell, and lost wax casting. Our bronzes are then welded, chased and finished with the patina of your choice. We can create a range of sizes, from desktop to monumental. Also, we offer casting in bronze and aluminum and no-bake sand molding for large scale work. This method is also ideal for casting large plaques.

Sculpting in bronze statue is a complicated process as it has a variety of other processes involved in, like molding, wax making, dipping, casting and fettling. The skilled and professional artists at Lenny's Sculptures will bring your crude imagination into reality with all the expertise gathered over the years. Our skilled fine art technicians, embracing traditional and modern working practices, have worked closely alongside our clients to accomplish the perfect finish for many exciting and prestigious projects. If you take any of our bronze statues, the innovative style and sense of anatomical form are quite extraordinary.

Should you be looking to commission a public or private sculpture, our skills, expertise and industry knowledge enable us to assist you with practical information and recommendations from our selection of experienced and talented artists.