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Welcome to Lanny’s Sculptures, Minnesota

    Established in 2011, the Minnesota-based Lanny's Sculptures is an intimate and creative space that offers you the highest level of craftsmanship, while creating the variety of modern art and beautiful sculptures. Committed to the pursuit of excellence in the art form, we aim to inspire, inform and engage people with sculpture/three-dimensional art.

    At Lanny's Sculptures, Minnesota, we provide opportunities to see and experience the extraordinary diversity of contemporary work. Our gallery showcases a modern range of sculpture works, all of which have cast their pieces within our adjoining foundry, enabling visitors to purchase from a stunning range of locally handcrafted limited edition bronze sculpture. Whether you are looking for a stunning horse sculpture for your living room or an elegant clay sculpture to decorate your bedrooms, Lenny Sculptures in Minnesota will offer an amazing range of well-crafted and exquisite modern art sculptures and art statues. We, at Lenny's Sculpture, organize an open exhibition in Minnesota where we put all our sculptures and art statues on sale. Our mission is to create beautiful clay and bronze artwork and to cultivate a great sense of well-being and personal growth.

    We indulge in the creation a wide variety of sculptures and art statues, including bronze sculpture, clay sculpture, horse sculptures, modern art sculpture, outdoor garden sculptures, contemporary sculptures and western sculptures in Minnesota. Over the years that it has been in service, Lanny's Sculptures have quickly gained a reputation in Minnesota for producing top quality bronzes and has expanded to accommodate its ever-increasing client base.